NICE has received the NRTO quality mark

NICE has received the NRTO quality mark. The NRTO quality mark is an independent recognition of quality and professionalism in the private training market. The NRTO quality mark is issued by the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO), the sector organization for training and education.

An independent, external certification body has established during an audit that NICE meets the quality requirements of the NRTO quality mark. This allows NICE to demonstrate that it meets high requirements for transparency about products and services, adequate services, professional contact with customers and expertise of its staff.

Quality mark provides certainty when choosing a provider

Private training agencies, educational institutions and examination institutes have a wide and diverse range of training forms, techniques and instruments. This diversity is the power of the private training industry. The NRTO quality mark acts in the training market as a sign of quality and professionalism. It gives consumers and companies certainty when choosing a training institute, training agency, EVC provider or exam provider.